Laughter is a universal language and since 1989 our goal has always been to make products that make people laugh.

 High Cotton is based Asheville, NC nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Our city has a way of always invigorating
us as we hike, bike, and paddle our way around town. We are often enjoying great food and local beer at some of the
award-winning restaurants and breweries. Stop by our office on Friday afternoons for our traditional kick-off to the weekend.
This accepting and fun loving city has been a perfect home base for helping us
create the witty products that we share with the world.
We use life’s most cherished and enjoyable elements to create amusing, hilarious, and inspirational designs for
people to share their opinions with those they love. As one peruses our products you will find a variety of imagery
to express your passions for pets, family, and hobbies.

    Our products come in many shapes and sizes but each will have you smiling with a glance.
    Welcome your guests with a doormat that will have your family and friends smiling before they set foot in the door.
    Protect your favorite furniture while creating giggles with our vivid drink coasters. Express your own brand of sarcasm,
    excitement, or wit with a bumper magnet that can stop road rage with one belly laugh. Give yourself a daily smile with
    our wooden and metal wall signs featuring whimsical pictures and phrases. The fun never stops as we continually
    search for new product lines to offer our hilarious messages.
    Over the years we have partnered with some of the funniest folks around. Enjoy the the witty creations
    of Erin Smith, the vintage images and modern hilarity of MikWright, the fun pet-centric designs of Dog Is Good,
    David Olenick’s meme-worthy animations, the inspirational artistry of Alena Hennessy,
    and Ephemeras’ classic illustrations and bold messages.
    We continue to strive to bring new and provocative humor to our ever changing society.

    At High Cotton, humor is our way of making the world a little bit more fun.






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